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He became mentally unstable and the couple divorced in Wharton never remarried. Her first critical success, and still one of her most beloved works, was The House of Mirth , published in In her long, prolific career, Wharton published sixteen novels and novellas, eight collections of short stories, several works of nonfiction, and two volumes.

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Her greatest literary achievement was The Age of Innocence , which won the Pulitzer Prize in fiction. She also received the French Legion of Honor for her philanthropic work during World War I, and in , she became the first woman to receive an honorary doctorate from Yale.

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She died of a stroke in her home in France in Share: Share on Facebook. Add to Cart. In her long, prolific career, Wharton published sixteen novels and novellas, eight collections of short stories, several works of nonfiction, and two volumes of poetry. Why does Ralph kill himself? What drives Undine? Is it wealth, social status, or something else? What makes Undine irresistible to men? Beauty is one thing, but is there anything else to account for her appeal?

Compare the two portraits of Old New York found in these novels. What if anything do these two characters have in common? Is there something distasteful and yet compelling about the rise of Undine Spragg? Millicent Bell. Robin Harris, an expert in the arts of dying and grieving.

Charlie D, host of a late-night radio call-in show that offers supportive advice to troubled listeners, gets an email from a young listener that outlines his plans to kill not just his father but his entire family. The deeply troubled boy could be anywhere, and Charlie has just two hours to discover his identity and stop him. The hunt is on.

But the murderer could be anyone, anywhere.

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Gail can be found at gailbowen. Wacky family connections and snappy dialog make it impossible not to laugh. When Gina gets back, she discovers that her cousin has spent his time switching real gems for fakes in the jewelry of some of her best customers.

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She has no idea that the encounter will lead to murder. And she has decidedly mixed emotions when her ex-husband is arrested for the crime. When Gwen decides to work the case on her own her life gets a lot less predictable and a lot more dangerous. She is a former special education teacher and currently works for the federal government in Ontario. For more information, visit brendachapman.

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  6. But when a young woman—the fourth in three weeks—is found dead, Robertson fears that a serial killer is on the loose. Late one bitterly cold night, she comes across the body of a young woman who appears to have been strangled.

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    Though both under-qualified and unauthorized,Nicole feels compelled to throw herself into the investigation. Vicki can be found at vickidelany. The Middle Ground Zoe Whittall golden oak nominee Missy thinks of herself as the most ordinary woman in the world. Then one day everything goes sideways. Zoe can be found at zoewhittall.

    This is the mess that Detective Lieutenant Pratt walks into one Saturday morning. Gordon sees it as an open-and-shut case. He has the suspect, motive and even the murder weapon. But Pratt is unwilling to jump to conclusions. Rick runs a blog called Type M for Murder, and can also be found at rickblechta.

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    What if her secrets are made public? Such reve- lations could be devastating to herself and other public figures. When a blackmailer demands cash for the notebook, Anna and her friend Stephanie lay a trap to snare the crook. Kim can be found at kimmoritsugu. Dowd is shocked to discover that his mysterious new client is Nina, his high-school girlfriend and the one true love of his life. But the real surprise is yet to come. Smart, vulnerable, wounded, heartbreakingly hopeful, I just adore his company.

    This is a staggering achievement. Gulliver is horrified—and suspicious. He sets out to find the attacker and learn why the boy was targeted.

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    More, please. His next Gulliver Dowd novel will be released in April Reed can be found at reedcoleman. One morning she arrives at work to find her employer dead. Connie wonders if she will be able to clean up the mess that Maria is in without getting killed herself. Although Norah is a freelance editor, she manages to write at least one novel a year. Please visit norahmcclintock. Approached by a mysterious stranger, who offers him a large advance to carve a spirit mask,Lucas feels himself changing and the mask taking control of his life.

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    What follows is a race against time and the forces of evil in this supernatural thriller. Win offers to record his first cd as long as Cree can keep coming up with the hot tips at the track. When things inevi- tably go bad, Cree discovers that there is never really the next sure thing. Richard lives in Kamloops, British Columbia and can be found at richardwagamese.

    The Spider Bites Medora Sale When detective Rick Montoya returns to the city to try to clear his name after being accused of taking a bribe, he discovers that his apart- ment building has gone up in flames. After two bodies are removed Rick has almost as many questions as there are suspects. She lives in Toronto. Sandra decides that she and Jane must flee to a remote cabin in hopes of escaping Joe.

    No one seems suspicious and Rick seems to have it all figured out—except what to do with Bucky the Golden Retriever. Formerly an English teacher, Lou has served as a vice-president for the Crime Writers of Canada and lives on Vancouver Island with her dogs. Lou can be found at louallin. She still had the key to his house so the day he left she let herself in But what she actually did was ingenious and diabolical in equal measure.

    Apparently this woman at once mad, bad and dangerous to know, I think you will agree then proceeded to carefully unpick the hems on all the curtains in every room and then deftly inserted anchovies inside the seams before sewing them back together. Two weeks and umpteen cans of Air Wick later, the smell was so intense he had to move out. There I was, left alone with his phone and my imagination. Oh, the possibilities! But there was so little time as I had to act fast before he noticed his phone was missing. So, as I was scrawling down the screen I noticed there was a list of automatic replies that were installed on it that you could send as a message if you were too busy to compose a text.

    How sweet, I thought, sarcastically.