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I got your email a bit late in the day and just sat down to read this. Incredible guide! Honestly, does your graphics guy work for you or is he freelance? Probably the very best section in the entire guide is about commercial intent. This really needs to hit home with people. Which makes me wonder, how were you monetizing the site you were getting 60k visitors a month on?

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I guess one of the only points I would have to disagree on is that when you see Ebay it is an easy search term. I have been in a cat and mouse game with an Ebay URL for months now -. I tried a bunch of different strategies, like Adsense, CPA, affiliate offers. I just heard from my ecommerce buddies that they were easy to beat considering their insane DA. Great content. I have just skimmed the chapters and will certainly be back to spend more time to read in detail and learn more about the ever changing world of search engines.

Really appreciate your work and insights. Hi Brian, Just finished going through your guide in detail. It is very thorough and complete. I have picked up some new things that I believe will help me in my affiliate efforts. One thing is for sure is that SEO and everything associated with online marketing is a moving target but your guide allows us to focus in on the important components and if we do them well we are in effect giving ourselves the best chance of surviving any future changes the search engine might throw at us..

Keep up the great work, I really appreciate your efforts. Thanks for your feedback, Dave. Looking forward to getting stuck into this. I love how you start this blog post with some common questions that people are actually asking. Clever tactic for capturing plenty of long tail search traffic! Good call on that, Anthony.

I used to rush through keyword research so I could get to the fun stuff: content and link building. Glad you enjoyed the guide, Sachin. Good tip. I personally prefer to focus on the top 10 vs. But I know a lot of people that use your approach and do well with it. Good call, Sachin. Hi Brian, I found another interesting way to find these keywords, I said interesting because i never used it before. I used your Wikipedia tip further:- I found Wikipedia page to find keywords and plugged in that Wikipedia page in Google Keyword Planner and the keywords data outcome is really decent.

Hello Brian Sir, You shared outstanding post relate to keyword research including possible techniques. Thanks for sharing awesome post. Hi Brian, I am using the Webmaster Tools method. I found a keyword which is on 11th position AND having good search volume. I also got the post to add the keyword on. The post is already optimized for a keyword, now how do I optimize the post for this keyword too? Good question, Avadhut. Or, I need to add it in Description and Post Content also? A little inspiration in finding keywords for commercial intent is all I needed.

I was looking after search volume and ignoring suggested bid and competition. Thank you Brian. Happy to help you out with that, Andrei. As I said in that chapter, commercial intent was something I used to gloss over. Thank you so much. The guide is superb. I went through it for the first time last night and I will re read it over the weekend.

It is easy to follow and easy to read. It blows my mind that people like you spend produce content of this blinding quality, for free. Awesome post Brian, you will soon be hot on the heels of Neil Patel if you keep this level of free content up. Hello Brain, I read the complete guide, and the best thing about your guide is that, it is really informative and simple.

Great tips man! Worth reading. Thankyou Brian. You never have to worry about me publishing the same old stuff, Salman. Fantastic work Brian, Really enjoyed reading the chapters and found them to be both informative and also actionable. True SEO expert advice, right here folks! I always try to make everything I publish super-actionable. This is definitely an awesome piece of content for someone who needs thorough keyword research. But I just wanted to say, you are not only a genie for link building but also sharing the knowledge and information in organized manner which is very easy to read and follow.

Hey Akila, I did actually set out to make this the best, most thorough resource for keyword research online. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Hi Brian, This is the best guide on the topic of keyword research written by a geniune expert. Most of the keyword research contents out there are fluff or even not complete.

People often misunderstood or confuse by it. I have some understanding on keyword research and agree with your validations in the guide. I have a question here about the searches coming to my website but google analytics not sharing what type of keywords people typing. Usually is the most search keywords? Do you experience that? Thanks for your comment, Jeffrey. Hey Brian — had a good look. Great resource I must say. In general easy to read, easy to understand, easy to implement. What else can you ask for, really?

Hey Patri, thanks for your feedback. Thanks for sharing another great ressource! Cant wait to take action on this one. A guide to get more value from the keyword planner was really needed! No problem, Morten. Wow, what a guide. Easily the most comprehensive one I have found to date. My favorite part was the competition section as I normally get tripped up on that. I have for the most part been ignoring PR lately but am thinking after reading your guide that I should be still using it in my analysis.

Thanks for your feedback, Adam. Let me know how the Easy Target hunting works out for you. I honestly have mixed feelings about PR. I have a question regarding in-depth content. Would you recommend applying the same strategy to static webpages that you wanted to rank with — longer more in-depth content for search engines while still keeping it user friendly?

I appreciate that, Fernando. You are clearly building hordes of true fans like me! Glad that you found the guide bookmark-worthy, Aaron. Yes and no, Avadhut. Sometimes Google will show very closely related keywords in their Ad Group suggestions. Other times, not so much. In other words, Ad Groups in the GKP can help, but you also have to look at the keywords to see how closely related they are. Hi Brain, Awesome Guide! If you would,please, clear my doubts on using keywords in the content appropriately?

Thanks Satinder. Thank you Brian for such a detailed guide. Did learnt a lot on keyword research. Monthly Searches of 49, Competition: Low. What a huge difference in monthly searches for Happy Holidays.

Why Long-Tail Keywords are SEO’s Hidden Gem

Hope you got my point. Glad you liked it, Rajan. And oh yeah, I found a real guide, very clear, very easy to understand and Im very happy I found you. Keep going like this. Jonathan, thanks buddy. Very hard to wait. I will follow you. See when you start. I am already using long tail platinum for keyword research and following Spencer Hews. Lets see what you recommended to me. Amazing stuff. Up-to-date, practical and insightful. I am sure this will improve our keyword research reports. Your guide always encourage me to implement your strategies on my daily seo routine.

Come back to this guide. I loved it will implement them in my strategy. I got tangled sometime and the last thing you must leave a link back to this page from the last chapter. Glad you enjoyed the guide and have already seen some results Kaldeep. I must admit that I have often over-looked the obvious re. Many thanks for some great ideas on keyword research…. Thanks for your insights, Richard. In my experience, Ubersuggest is more for brainstorming than straight keyword generation.

OMG this page only is gold! I need more time to finish everything. Thank you for sharing and keep sharing gems! Sounds like a plan, Elena. Thank you Cordut! The guide took over hours of work from me, the designer and my developer. It was no joke! Hey Brian, I just want to thank you for doing an awesome job on this blog. I like your way of explanation on each topic very much.

This will help me to boost my own knowledge on keyword research in different and simple way. Thanks for Brian the indeapth knowledge sharing. What I struggle with the most is long tail keywords. They always end up sounding really bad in my content. Do you have any tips on how to make them more fluid?

Hey Brian Dean, I fount your site very awesome and i have gone threw article on your site. This time I am in hurry and i have read only article but in the mean time I will definitely read you site. Thanks Mayank. Whoa Brian! This is a wonderful post, so informative and detailed. The way you explained keyword research is so good that even a beginner can understand easily. I was surprised to see 0 affiliate links in there.

Fair play to that. Would have probably made some nice cheddar though. Great resource. Wow, This is so comprehensive post. Easy to consume as well. Thanks Brian for taking time to publish such an extensive information. Writers can write but a lot if us are the wrong kind of brain for penetrating the web marketing world.

You have helped translate a big part of it. Hooray for you! Thanks for your kind words, Stephen. Hi Brian, It was very helpful article. I am still struggling to find good keywords for my blog. But will work now as per your suggestions. Good timing for me, too, Brian! Thanks very much for this resource, which I really need right now for my new website, and thanks to Joel Friedlander for pointing me in your direction. Hey Brian, Awesome guide on keyword research. It includes A to Z all things in this guide.

Keywords: Your Love Affair with the Language Your Audience Uses

Hi Brian, Thanks for posting these great tips on Keyword Research. Good question, Rohit. I find that people AND search engines prefer to read longer content. That way they get the answer to their question in one place vs. Amazing article with the best tips which are very detailed and well explained. This is something any SEO and niche website builder should be be read well before jumping in to search engine optimization. Glad you enjoyed it, Fernando.

This is one of the most complete articles literally articles in this case of link building ive seen for ages. Nice content, looks so much nicer when some effort is made to present it well. Yes…depending on how similar the searches for. And the SERPs will reflect that with different results.

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I read your pdf guide on blogging and some of the keywords you picked out have search volumes of less than So how is that possible when going after low search volume keywords? Do you pick out a lot of them and optimize your body copy according to those keywords to increase search volume?

Thanks Peter. I appreciate that. GREAT question. In that PDF guide I was using an example of extreme buyer keywords. For keywords like that you could literally build a business around a 3k monthly visitors. In my case, I go after informational keywords that are slightly less competitive and but get more search volume. It just depends on the business. Hello Brian, Your blog is helping me a lot to get traffic for my blog. After my breakfast I daily read articles on your website for min.

By doing this I am learning premium tips to drive more traffic. Hey Brian, Thanks for your guide. Is it worth the investment? Hey Mabz. Very impressive and informative guide. Brian thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with all of us. Hi Brian, You explained clearly what to look in keyword research, well researched and awesome post. From where you are getting such a wonderful and very effective ideas? Really your every post is ultimate and offers great knowledge to me. Keep it up. All the best. You saved my butt. Thanks, guy. I had never heard of Soovle before reading your guide here.

Love all of the info you provided here, thanks Brian. I just got some new ideas for you after reading the guide. You added a step about quora. Hi Mahmudul, good question. Hi Brian, just want to say that this is a fantastic guide to Keyword research and has come just in time, thanks. A question no one else has asked, but if you had to choose one Keyword tool which one would it be? Also in which priority would you put them in, 1 been the best? Happy to help, Jezee. Those are my two favorites.

Brian, I am just beginning my journey into the world of online business and would like to say thank you for the amazing content, not only in this guide but throughout your website. Unlike so much of the keyword research advice online, this guide is comprehensive, but also easy to follow. One question — with an authority site, how many keywords do you initially intend to target?

Cheers Dave. We can see that you used the Skyscraper Technique as it is way better than anything out there. It is really complete. Someone could only read this article about keyword research and he would be completely fine. Thanks Julien. Thank you for this great guide. Great stuff! More juicy content to assimilate. Thanks, Brian. Will read this through tomorrow. Have shared, also. Common sense is more important when it comes to Keyword Research. When we are performing research, we have to think like the user who performs the google search.

KWFinder is the only keyword research tool in the universe you will ever need. Seriously 😎

We can get a few ideas from Google Auto suggestions. One of my niche sites have only a few links from low DA sites only, but the site ranks on the top. The reason is that the users spend more time on my site and there is good engagement. All we have to do is write excellent content and rank our site in 3 or 4 pages.

We have to include a lot of LSI keywords that have low competition. As the time spent on our site increase, the rank will also increase. Hey, Brian, I just wanted to thank you for this amazing guide! Thank you and happy holidays! Keep up the good work. You never use regurgitated info, everything is always fresh and highly effective. I always look forward to your new content.

When I implement what you teach I see noticeable results. Sounds good, Charles. Just like to print off content to scribble notes on, loving the content! Hey Chris, good question. This is one of the best keyword resources I have got access to.

The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool

I was just wondering how to I would rank my site for different keywords but this guide is an eye opener. I get it, time on page is a ranking factor for SEO. The only issue I have is, how can I download it? Is that an option? The first sentence was an attempt to be funny. Thanks Brian for this awesome guide, whatever you write, you cover all the ends of it.

A complete guide for keyword research, I have ever seen. Awesome information you have provided once again. I am reading and re-reading and find more tips each time. Thanks so much for all you offer!!! As always, brilliantly written, to the point, full of insight…. Thanks Brian! Thank you — this is exactly what I was looking for when I tweeted you recently asking if your thoughts on keyword research had changed in the past couple of years! Thanks a lot Brian. Please let me print all of your super stuff. Great guide as always, Brian!

Your blog has always been my go to place for comprehensive SEO guide. I understand the importance of having LSI keywords sprinkled in the content to make it more comprehensive and in-depth. In the article, there are some tools that touch on this but not on a complete level. Thanks Tom. Unfortunately, not.

WebTextTool Review - Easier Keyword Research & Content Google Will Love

Google is understandably tight-lipped about what terms they consider relevant and should be used as LSI keywords. Wow, finally a guide that actually walks us through keyword research thoroughly and I am more than sure which is going to give me interesting whole new keywords list to work on instead of same rinse and repeat old fashioned steps with bullet points guides I stumbled on before. This is a real guide. I loved going through all chapters but chapter 4 is definitely something i will be trying. Again, a brilliant work from you! I love to visit Backlinko because you always surprise us with fresh and awesome content.

I made a Power Page and I get at least backlinks to my site!

Have struggled with a keyword research for a new customer for days now. Using all knowhow, still struggling.. Then came Brian Dean to my -almost- rescue. Thanks Brian — could we get a clone of you in Denmark? Thank you for a tremendous piece of work Brian. Thanks again. You are definitely a rock star. No matter how many sites have written on that topic, no matter who has written the content, no matter on which domain the content is written, when you write content on any topic it will beat all the other copies present on the internet.

Thanks for writing such an awesome piece of content on Keyword Research. It is a backbone of any marketing campaign. Any reason behind this? Just read through chapter 1, i find it useful and have a better understanding on how to choose good keywords to optimise a website. This has been a great resource over the years.

Thanks for taking the time to put it together. In my view, the best resource out there. Dear Brian, thank you for your amazing guide. You are really the wikipedia for modern and creative SEO for me!!! I learned so much and I am impressed where you take the ideas for every new article. You might want to look into it. You may need to clear your cache. The images there match what mine looks like just updated the screenshots 2 weeks ago. Really great stuff! I know I said this before, but keep it coming! I especially enjoyed the section on long tail keywords. Otherwise you have to keyword stuff or create lots of pages optimized around different long tails.

Thanks a lot for your effort! I am running an ecommerce shop and I have a question — I can see many uses of keyword research when you want to create new content e. In case of an ecommerce store I guess the reasearch is rather limited to what you have on offer — e. I would be very happy to know how do you think keyword reasearch could be used for ecommerce purpose? These same techniques apply to ecommerce. But the examples you listed there are spot on. Thanks for all the great and valuable info! Generous and helpful.

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Happy New Year. Just finished chapter 3 on longtail keywords. Very detailed and useful the way you instructed each step on different keyword tools! Thanks Brian. Thanks, Brian! You make this seem so easy. Do you have any tips on efficiency and how to speed things up? Quick question. Very interesting read on chapter 4. Does this also mean the longer the keywords the easier it is to rank still?

Read the guide for the third time. It really help me to think hard on certain aspects of keyword research. I do have a question, for keyword competition, which tool give a better representation, Ahrefs or Moz? Thanks Albert. Both tend to represent competition pretty well. Another interesting read on chapter 5. I appreciate it! Read up people! Keyword research is easier than it seems! First thank you for your Keyword Research guide. I find it clear and complete.

That would be great to get an expert answer from you. Basically my strategy is: pay the less possible to appear the maximum on the 1st Google page for a given keyword. I believe that appearing between 2nd and 3rd on Google 1st page give more clicks than what they say at least because I have chosen a precise keyword. How much do you agree with my assumption? I thought you stop making blogs. But after reading this information, I realized you were just trying to provide some good value with a lot of information.

So thank you I learned a lot. You have definitely changed my approach when thinking about this sort of thing. So thank you again! Hi Brian All your content that hits my inbox is great! Also a lot of my titles are the same as the dropshippers titles. What a great read of chapter 7! Highly agree that the contents on a website needs to be more modern than before. Fantastic content as always. Your guide and the rest of your content has shifted the way I think about keyword research.

Thank you for being foundational to my SEO education. On an inactive account, it shows you ranges and groups keywords semantically. On an active campaign, you get specific search volumes for each keyword. Especially in the sub 1, range, this is very important. It lets you skip the clean up phase when reviewing your plan. Though I still review my plan to get super accurate results on my curated keyword list. It is not a common tool I see people using, but it is apparently your favorite. What about Majestic SEO? Is there a reason you leave it out of your regularly cited tools?

What will be some of the commercial intent keywords for services such as plumbing or lawn caring? The Keyword Planner is an excellent tool for starting off generating ideas for search terms people are using for your business. The filtering options definitely help with this! A couple of hours of reading would help a lot of people! And thanks for yet a great resource. I use to research keyword with Google Keyword Planner and I get related keyword ideas from Google Search, not using other keyword research tool.

Do you recommend any keyword research tool that is similar to SEMrush. Thank You again! But do you recommend ahrefs tool? Just wanted to say thanks heaps, Brian. Love your work! By far, your material is the best out there, with some pretty cool tricks included to eke out hidden info from Google.

Brian, your article has certainly changed the way I approach keyword research after dabbling with keyword elite,market samurai and the google keyword tool over the years. Thank you for this keyword research guide as it clearly maps out what I need to do and how. I am seriously considering offering the process as a service. Do you think it will work on its own as a service or does it have to be part of a complete seo package i.

I said I would be back to comment after reading and implementing this guide. I am a fast learner, but I decided to take this slow. So, I read this thing for a couple of days. Not only was I able to find great keywords using the recommended tools, I also wrote a couple of articles in the last few weeks. Hoping to start link building soon. This is definitively what i was looking for. I really digged the Long tail keywords chapter and all the options it had. One question that pops into my mind is this: How do you think we should start adapting for the growing trend of voice search for our keywords?

Im guessing spoken KW are not gonna be the same that written ones. Another great article! Im focusing on ranking Long tail terms, this guide definitely will help me a lot! I had been using few of the ways you mentioned for keyword research. But, for me big take away was finding keywords using Wikipedia. Thank you for sharing all of them together under one umbrella.

Makes it so easy! Hi Brian, this was the first article I read. I will always come back, to see the news! I especially appreciate your shared thoughts about long tail kw. This one I absolutely love.

Keyword Outline Examples

This a a handy little metric too. Ranging from 1 least important to 10 most important and defaulting at 3 neutral , it makes it easy to quickly tag KWs with the level of importance you feel the phrase has for your campaign. What I like about this is it allows you to quickly add a bit of human evaluation to keywords. This means your own opinions on the relevancy of a keyterm and joined-up with various automated metrics, to give a single metric that encompasses both human opinion and automated scoring systems.

This makes sorting the wheat from the chaff so much easier, but what dark magic is this?! In fact, from what I understand, they already are. Filtering for keywords on various metrics is made very easy in Keyword Explorer. The UI is nice, the UX is pretty damn intuitive. During this chat Rand did mention that this one is already being looked at.

As mentioned above however, this is already being worked on, so will likely be changed soon. It must be tricky when launching multiple products, to decide how far down the integration route to go. One thing I really would like, is the ability to create a new list when using the Keyword Suggestions page.

Why would I like this feature so much? I was right, it would be awesome! This one is easy. The thing I think most important of my wishes for the tool is that Moz continue to maintain it!.